"R Coin Rush" metaverse game story

Mobile games for 99% of us living on Earth.
Ready Player One!

Anyone with a smartphone can be rich.
Now go out the streets and find hidden treasures (R Coin).

RCR(Real Coin Rush) is a location-based cryptocurrency mining AR game.


1. Treasure Hunter

The treasure is hidden around us. It is owned by the hunter first.

R Coin is contained in various kinds of Stone and can be mined only with good tools. 

Run> Find> Mining> Rich.


​2. Land Rush

If you own a hot SPOT, you can make more money by paying taxes.

Buy a SPOT right now. If you have enough wallet balance, own more Spots.

Soon, someone will offer you a slightly higher price on your SPOT.
You will see you becoming rich.


3. Shopping

Pick up your wallet and buy your favorite goods at the online shopping mall.
No more cash, no credit card required.

If you have an R Coin in your wallet, you can also pay for coffee at the stores.
Don't forget it.

In R Coin Rush, you are the richest person to have what you want.

Key Technology


RCR token is the Blockchain-based reward game currency that was implemented on Ethereum platform.
All SPOT transactions and players' avatars are proven by smart contracts.


RCR Wallet has secure storage of assets and mobile simple payment.
You can exchange RCR Tokens, transfer token between players, and donate to society.

argument reality

AR allows you to express new imagination in mobile games.
RCR implements a new virtual world on AR space over real world, giving game players a new experience.

location-based service

Location-based services are now a generalized technology but, there are very few successful location-based services. RCR has been designed a generic yet impressive technical service.


RCR requires HP when mining Stone, and HP is created by players’ kinetic energy.
When the player walks or runs, RCR can automatically record and view the number of steps and tracking data.
RCR makes players healthy.

unity 3D

The Unity used in the game effectively implements high-quality graphics.
Unity 3D is interesting to express various STONEs, SPOTs, and it's implements the AVATAR which reveal players’ personality well.


R Coin & Business Model


R Coin

Three types of cryptocurrency are used in RCR.

  • R Coin is the same currency as game money in the game.

  • R Power determines the player's level, and a higher level will give you more reward opportunities.

  • R Stock(RSTC) can be exchanged for R Coin, R Power, and can be exchanged for other currencies or cash through the exchange.


OASIS is made up of three organizations that collaborate and check.

  • The committee is a top-level decision-making body composed of elected committee members representing each region and sector, and determines white papers, key policies, settlements and dividends.

  • The secretariat conducts practical operations, budget execution, cooperation and system security.

  • R Bank is responsible for token issuance / distribution, exchange rate management / value maintenance, wallet issuance / security, and settlement interest payments.


Business Model

The RCR's BM is designed to be a very dense fishing net.
In addition to the traditional game BM, SNS, marketing and commerce success models naturally dissolve into the game.
RCR is aiming for a virtuous cycle ecosystem that all stakeholders can win.
The value of the RCR token will rise by the BM to record steady growth.

Next Metaverse Social & Commerce Platform

​All Players win-win

RCR will go beyond the SNG genre and show you the new SCG genre.

  • SNG: social network game

  • SCG: social commerce game



"R Coin Rush" Token


Team Member


James Kim

CEO & business pro.

  • GaeaSoft, IT PM & Strategy Chief

  • Point-I, Healthcare Biz. Manager

  • Thinkware, LBS Biz. Team Leader

  • MDocks, Mobile Game Leader


Donghee Choi


  • KTH, Dev. Team Leader

  • CCN, CTO & PM

  • Samsung, Bigdata Award Winer


Hwansuk Jang

dApp Director

  • OOO, blockchain R&D Leader

  • GaeaSoft, App Developer

  • DuzonTech, Mobile Team Leader

  • TrueMobile, App Dev. Team Leader


Hyunjoo Kim


  • GaeaSoft, KT Service Team Leader

       (10M membership service​)


Heesoo Seol

Game Director

  • PinupGames, CEO, "World At War"

  • T3, "WarCry", "ROD", "Hellgate"

  • netmarble, "Stoneage"


Jongin Choi

Fintech Director

  • Emptico, CEO

  • MSecure, Security R&D Leader 

  • VP, simple Payment Dev. Leader

  • ILK, Visa 3D Dev. Leader




Drew Carlyle

blockchain technical Specialist


Chris Ward

CEO, PEXT exchange


Jamie Lane

global marketing specialist


Ash Marker

investment & finance specialist

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