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Wins - Studio X ko to collaborate on information security technology based on Metaverse

Wins(KOSDAQ 136540), a company specializing in information security, announced on the July 13 that it had signed an MOU (business agreement) with the City Safety Association and Studio Exco to successfully promote the metaverse-based information protection business.

The signing ceremony was held on the July 12 at the Wins office building in the presence of Dae-yeon Kim, CEO of Wins, Kwang-seop Lim, president of the City Regeneration Safety Association(CRSA), and Jung-suk Kim, CEO of Studio X ko. Metaverse is a three-dimensional virtual world that is more advanced than the existing virtual reality, and is a space where various companies and entities coexist and accumulate and utilize data.

Dae-yeon Kim (center), CEO of Wins Co., Ltd. (center), Kwang-seop Lim (right), president of the CRSA (right), and Jung-suk Kim (left), CEO of Studio X ko, signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for cooperation in information security technology based on Metaverse at the Wins office building on the July 12 /provided by wins

Through this three-party business agreement, the three organizations plan to cooperate in various areas, such as ▲ R&D of metaverse technology and nurturing human resources ▲ discovery and implementation of public and private projects ▲ organic use of available resources, facilities, and equipment.

Studio X ko is a promising metaverse development company supported by Korea's largest law firm, accounting firm, and national research institute. The CRSA is an association that leads the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI)-based smart city design and safety and regeneration programs. Recently, it is attempting to build a metaverse-type advanced city control system for the first time in Korea.

Wins plans to cooperate to develop a metaverse service that reliably processes vast amounts of data and personal information through cloud infrastructure construction and operation and security advancement.

Daeyeon Kim, CEO of Wins, said, “Based on the know-how and capabilities of the three organizations in each business field, we expect synergy effects in the new business of Metaverse.” “This agreement is an opportunity to prepare for the environmental changes that Metaverse will bring and lead a new paradigm. I hope to be there,” he said.

2021.07.13. 오전 10:10

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