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Dahua - Studio X ko, Metaverse-based advanced city control technology cooperation agreement signed

Dahua Technology Korea (Dahua Korea) signed a business agreement ceremony for technical cooperation with Studio X ko, the City Regeneration Safety Association (CRSA), and Smart City Korea at the Dahua Korea office on the July 9.

The signing ceremony, which was held at the recently expanded and relocated Dahua Korea office, was held in the presence of key officials, including Dahua Korea team leader Baek In-soo, CRSA Secretary-General Oh Se-gi, Studio X ko CEO Kim Jung-suk, and Smart City Korea CEO Nam-jin Joo.

Through this agreement, as a metaverse platform of Studio X ko, a hardware combination of Smart City Korea's VMS and Dahua Technology will be introduced in Seocho-gu through the CRSA.

Dahua Korea, a company specializing in video physical security, the CRSA established for the purpose of establishing a smart platform industrial ecosystem, Studio X ko, which has accumulated many experiences with domestic and foreign game developers, large corporations, and local governments as well as the metaverse business, and smart city system configuration Through this agreement, which was conducted by four Smart City Korea companies with technical skills for solution sales, construction, operation, and maintenance, Studio X ko's metaverse platform is a combination of Smart City Korea's VMS and Dahua Korea's hardware. It is planned to be introduced on a pilot basis in Seocho-gu through the CRSA.

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Reporter Jeong Eun-sang 2021.07.12 17:38

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