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[Electronic Times] CRSA & Studio X ko, Metaverse-based Urban Monitorting and Control System

The City Regeneration and Safety Association(CRSA), which leads the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI)-based smart city design and safety and regeneration programs, is starting to build a metaverse-type advanced city monitoring and control system, which has recently attracted domestic and international attention.

The CRSA (Chairman Gwang-seop Lim) announced on the 22nd that it would establish and operate the Smart City Urban Regeneration Division and the Metaverse-based Urban Regeneration Division within the association next month.

The new subcommittee will redesign the old city center development and smart city construction into a convergence of virtual space, real life, and even augmented reality, and plan and propose a future city by using augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) technology as a whole. focus on doing the activity.

The association is the first in Korea to develop a metaverse-based state-of-the-art city control system together with Studio X ko (CEO Kim Jung-suk), a specialized metaverse developer, and Smart City Korea (CEO Nam-jin Joo), a smart city platform company, in order to enhance future business execution as well as the division of division decided to try

Lim Gwang-seop, president of the CRSA, said, "We plan to form a pool of metaverse experts from various fields along with sub-division activities to form a consortium with companies, research institutes, and local governments to begin empirical projects soon."

2021.06.22 12:08

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